Commercial License Setup

How to use my new commercial license?

There are no license keys, activation codes, or similar at the minute so the setup of the commercial license is very straight-forward.

In order to use the commercial license of FakeXrmEasy v2 or later, developers would just need to specify they’re using the software in a commercial context when building an IXrmFakedContext.

Here’s an example:

public class FakeXrmEasyTestsBase
    protected readonly IXrmFakedContext _context;
    protected readonly IOrganizationServiceAsync2 _service;

    public FakeXrmEasyTestsBase() 
        _context = MiddlewareBuilder

                        //Here we are saying we're using FakeXrmEasy (FXE) under a commercial context

        _service = _context.GetAsyncOrganizationService2();