(Alpha) New Commercial License Usage

NOTE: This functionality it’s in alpha status which means is not yet production ready, the current supported method of setting up your commercial license can be found at this link.

Minimum Version: 2.4.2 / 3.4.2

Based on customer feedback, we’re releasing new functionality to help you monitor the usage of your commercial license and simplify compliance. It’ll proactively notify you whenever you need to upgrade your new plan as your team grows, or remind you when a renewal is coming.

This new functionality is in preview and it’s not enabled by default so you don’t have to do anything.

We’ll be getting in touch with you to progressively adopt this new mechanism and gather feedback. If you are an existing customer with an active subscription and wish to try this new capability, please reach out to sales@dynamicsvalue.com as you will need a license key. Please check the different sections below to get an overview of how the new licensing usage and monitoring model works.

We appreciate your feedback, if you have any questions or doubts, please reach out to us via sales@dynamicsvalue.com or our contact page at https://dynamicsvalue.com/contact.