3.9.5 Build Set Up

Set Up Build Your Pipeline

When you run tests with FakeXrmEasy you need to configure them so it’ll be also able to pick up the license key.

Azure DevOps Build Pipeline

If you run a test step inside an Azure DevOps build pipeline, will FakeXrmEasy will automatically know about it and you don’t need to do anything else other than setting the license key.

The samples repository has a sample YAML build that builds the samples project.

Other Non-Azure DevOps Builds

If you run a build on a different platform or service (i.e. GitHub Actions or GitLab), you’ll need to also add another environment variable to tell FakeXrmEasy the test is running inside a CI run.

You do that by setting the FAKE_XRM_EASY_CI environment variable to “1”.

The samples repository has a sample GitHub action you can check to see how is that done