3.1. FAQ

Version 0.0.5

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our licenses.

Disclaimer: this section does not represent legal advice. Always consult with your legal team.

Why have you changed the license?

Simple & Short answer: sustainability. The demand of users of FakeXrmEasy (including many Fortune 100s) has grown well over capacity and it can’t just be managed as a community side-project anymore. Therefore, we’re changing the license so that we can continue to deliver always, up-to-date, amazing, commercially supported, software for businesses while also making it free of charge for true community projects and/or non-commercial purposes. For the full long answer please read this post.

What license does FakeXrmEasy version 2 or later use?

FakeXrmEasy version 2 or later uses a triple licensed model. You can choose to use the software under the OSI approved Reciprocal Public License 1.5 (RPL 1.5), a Modified Polyform Non-commercial 1.0.0 license, or a commercial license. See the license for more details.

Can I use the new version free of charge?

You can use FakeXrmEasy version 2 or later free of charge if you meet the requirements of either the RPL 1.5 or the Modified Polyform Non-commercial license.

Can I use FakeXrmEasy version 2 or later for my personal project?

Yes, both the RPL 1.5 and the Modified Polyform Non-commercial license 1.0.0 cover personal use.

What are the main requirements of the Reciprocal Public License 1.5 (RPL 1.5)?

Under the RPL 1.5, any piece of code where FakeXrmEasy is used must be made available to the community, as well as displaying a User-Visible Attribution Notice according to section 6.4 d) of the RPL 1.5.

The RPL 1.5 encourages a sustainable open source model where you can either “pay in code” or else buy a commercial license for privacy. Either way, the community benefits via new contributions or via supporting a model that sustains and produces more open source. Please read the full RPL 1.5 license for more details.

What are the main differences between the Modified Polyform Non-commercial license 1.0.0 and the original Polyform Non-Commercial 1.0.0 license?

The Modified Polyform Non-commercial license is almost the same as the PolyForm Non-Commercial 1.0.0 license except for the definition of NonCommercial Organizations:

Use by any public charitable organization, public educational institution, public research organization, public safety or health organization, public environmental protection organization, or government institution is use for a permitted purpose regardless of the source of funding or obligations resulting from the funding, provided their participation is 100% public.

Use by a foundation whose purpose is to fight poverty, combat disease, promote and advance human rights, animal welfare or environmental protection is use for a permitted purpose.

Internal use of FakeXrmEasy version 2 or later by any of the Noncommercial Organizations listed above is free of charge for any commercial or non commercial purpose.

Other types of organizations could also use FakeXrmEasy version 2 or later free of charge for strictly noncommercial purpose.

Use of FakeXrmEasy version 2 or later by a third-party independent contractor or agent of a corporation, business, or organization for any commercial purpose of such third-party that you have authorized is not a permitted use and such third-parties should use the software under a commercial license.

How many Commercial licenses do I need and what does a ‘user’ mean?

A user means a person who is directly using FakeXrmEasy software version 2 or later. Licenses are granted per person and can not be shared. As a rule of thumb - anyone that writes or needs to debug code that uses FakeXrmEasy should be covered by a commercial license.

If you offer FakeXrmEasy as a service internally, (for example by exposing its functionality via an API), your company must subscribe for a subscription covering the number of internal users (developers) of that service since these are also your users.

If you offer your own framework or extensions on top of FakeXrmEasy, users of such framework or extensions will also need a valid license.

I love FakeXrmEasy, but how can I justify the investment decision to my managers?

We’ve got you covered! Download this letter which highlights what FakeXrmEasy has to offer

We’ve conducted a research study with the help of developers from more than 30 different organisations who were already using FakeXrmEasy v1. The outcome was 33% increased development efficiency and 191% increased efficiency due to reduction of escaped defects that didn’t make it to production or other environments. You can access the study via this link.

If you still have questions, we’d be more than happy to answer those. Please do reach out to us via sales@dynamicsvalue.com.

Do I need to pay for additional seats for my build or release pipelines / agents / servers ?

No. The license covers unlimited build agents or release pipelines as long as every developer who is pushing changes through these pipelines has a valid FakeXrmEasy license.

I’m a Contractor, can I use my license for my customer projects?

FakeXrmEasy licenses are issued to the company that directs the developers using FakeXrmEasy. This means: If your customer directs your work, your customer must buy the license. If you however are self-directed and introduce FakeXrmEasy into a software that will be used by your customer, you must buy the license.

Here’s a few sample scenarios:

a) If your customer owns the IP (Intellectual Property) of the code where FakeXrmEasy version 2 or later is used, then the customer should purchase any required licenses for you. This would normally be project work where the customer owns the code. You can not reuse any of your own licenses for your customer’s project in such scenario.

b) If, however, you own the IP (Intellectual Property) of the software that is tested with FakeXrmEasy version 2 or later, then you should buy any required licenses for you. This would be the case, for example, if you are an ISV and offer an app or service that is tested with FakeXrmEasy version 2 or later to many customers directly, and you’re not exposing any of the functionality of FakeXrmEasy version 2 or later directly or indirectly via those apps or services.

Does the Commercial license include support?

Yes, anyone who purchases a Commercial license is entitled to support.

Can I use FakeXrmEasy version 2 or later without a commercial license internally within a commercial company?

No, all usage within an commercial company or for a commercial purpose that doesn’t meet the requirements of the RPL 1.5 nor the Modified Polyform Non-commercial license 1.0.0, requires a commercial license. You could use FakeXrmEasy version 2 or later internally under the RPL 1.5 to understand its nature, limits, and potential uses though. You will need a commercial license for any other use other than those.

Do I still need the licenses when my project is done?

When your project is complete, you only need licenses for the developers who maintain the code. If your project has been deprecated and is no longer being maintained; you can cancel your subscription.

Are you applying the license change retroactively?

No, these license changes apply to FakeXrmEasy software version 2 or later. You can stay in version 1.x, if you wish. However, you won’t be able to use any code from version 2 or later in your 1.x fork as it is legally under a different license.

Where can I find your EULA?

Our End User License Agreement is available here.

Where can I find pricing information?

Kindly reach out to DynamicsValue’s pricing page at https://dynamicsvalue.com/pricing

How do I purchase licenses?

Please do reach out to us via sales@dynamicsvalue.com

Once I purchased my licenses, how do I apply them to my users?

Please check this post.

Can I get a quotation before I purchase?

Yes, kindly reach out to us via sales@dynamicsvalue.com

I’m a reseller, do you offer reselling discounts?

Our End User License Agreement doesn’t allow reselling or sublicensing. If you are a reseller that would like to add significant value to your customers, please reach out to sales@dynamicsvalue.com to discuss possible partnerships options.

My usage of FakeXrmEasy is not covered by the current Commercial license or I have other questions not already covered in this FAQ

Please contact us at sales@dynamicsvalue.com

Can I still use FakeXrmEasy v1.x or earlier versions free of charge?

Yes. FakeXrmEasy v1.x is still MIT licensed. We’re not relicensing it so you can use it for as long as you want. You could, for example, fork the v1.x version and keep maintaining it internally as long as you don’t use any code from v2.x or later versions as they are under a different license now.

However, doing so would probably require a significant effort, and given the differences that already exist in terms of functionality, performance, and security upgrades between 1.x and later versions, you might want to consider using the latest versions as a more cost-effective option, which include commercial support. Feel free to check the business added value in our white paper.