FakeXrmEasy v1.x is deprecated

FakeXrmEasy versions 1.x are deprecated and will stop receiving updates soon. Your organisation can start using the latest, already available, 2.x and 3.x versions, which is where the focus is at right now. They both support the traditional SDK and the new DataverseClient in .net core that is production ready (1.0.1) since June 2022.

If you weren’t aware that there was a new version coming up, you might want to know why we are deprecating version 1.x and introducing a more sustainable and healthier OSS model going forward


There are several reasons by which you want to migrate:

  • New architecture and new features: The new version was upgraded to the latest version of the DataverseClient, it has been significantly rewritten and refactored, and it comes with plenty of new features that are released frequently.
  • Performance: the newer versions (3.x) run in .net core which is significantly more performant. In addition, we made and also we’ll be making new performance improvements to the framework.
  • Carbon friendly: Less CPU cycles than integration testing => Less energy consumption => Environmental friendly
  • Technical debt: We keep FakeXrmEasy up to date with the latest platform and dataverse features and fixes, this is technical debt you don’t have to deal with yourself.
  • Documentation: Brand new and amazing dedicated docs site that is constantly up to date.
  • Increased developer efficiency: Link to our white paper here
  • Happy customers


Here’s the timeline for the pre-existing 1.x versions:

June 2022FakeXrmEasy v1.x is officially deprecated. We might be merging some of the existing Pull Requests, but it won’t accept any new features or bug fixes
Fall 2022Only possible security fixes / patches will be applied
December 2022FakeXrmEasy v1.x is archived and marked as read-only

Planning your transition to the newer versions

This chapter, therefore, covers documentation to help your organization properly plan and implement a successful migration to the newer supported versions of FakeXrmEasy (version) while still giving you enough time to consider and migrate across the latest versions (2.x and 3.x).

Documentation for managers / C-level execs

Documentation for developers / technical architects / solution architects