Validation of Plugin Registrations

Minimum Version: 2.1.0

Plugin Step Registration validations is a new feature we are introducing that will perform certain validations when attempting to register plugin steps.

In some circumstances, for example, a given message only support certain entities, or certain combinations of stage and mode are not supported by the plugin registration tool.

Another scenario is trying to register combinations of pre or postimages for messages and stages that are not supported.

Without plugin step registration validations you could, potentially, simulate scenarios that won’t happen in a real Dataverse environment simply because these registrations aren’t even possible.

Therefore, plugin step registration validations is a feature to reduce the likelihood of these issues. And so, plugin step registrations is enabled by default in Pipeline Simulation starting with version 2.1.0.

You don’t have to do anything special to enable the plugin step registration capability, but, if you want to specifically disable it, you could do so via PipelineOptions in the middleware setup like this:

_context = MiddlewareBuilder
                        .AddPipelineSimulation(new PipelineOptions() { UsePluginStepRegistrationValidation = false })
                        //... other middleware setup...


This is an exception that will be raised when trying to register an invalid plugin step registration.

Video: Intro to Plugin Step Registration Validation