This is an update with several improvements / fixes below:

  • Replace PullRequestException and added different types of exceptions depending on the license context to guide users depending on the license chosen
  • Added extension methods to detect and execute generic CRUD requests (of type OrganizationRequest) - DynamicsValue/fake-xrm-easy#31
  • BREAKING: In-Memory data dictionary that was defined as a public dictionary is now internal using a rewritten data structure to prepare for parallelization and concurrency. If you were accessing this property, please use the GetEntity or CreateQuery public methods in the IXrmFakedContext interface to query the state of the In-Memory database state instead. For any other use, always rely on the IOrganizationService* interfaces only. This breaking change will affect you only if you were accessing the ‘Data’ dictionary directly.
  • Fix Sonar Quality Gate settings for all projects and repos: DynamicsValue/fake-xrm-easy#28
  • OutputParameters is now properly propragated and populated into the PluginExecutionContext when using PipelineSimulation: DynamicsValue/fake-xrm-easy#39
  • Plugin Step registration improvements: new general purpose method to register plugin steps: DynamicsValue/fake-xrm-easy#53
  • Added support for late bound entities in Pipeline Simulation: Added possibility to register plugin steps with logical name DynamicsValue/fake-xrm-easy#38