This is an update with several improvements / fixes below:

  • Limit FakeItEasy package dependency to v6.x versions - DynamicsValue/fake-xrm-easy#37
  • Updated build script to also include the major version in the Title property of the generated .nuspec file - DynamicsValue/fake-xrm-easy#41
  • Modified TopCount support in QueryByAttribute and QueryExpression, to not throw exception if PageInfo was set but empty: DynamicsValue/fake-xrm-easy#16
  • Do not clear previous FakeMessageExecutors or GenericFakeMessageExecutors when adding new ones or when calling them multiple times: DynamicsValue/fake-xrm-easy#15
  • Allow creating records with any statecode attribute, which will be overriden by the platform as Active - DynamicsValue/fake-xrm-easy#36
  • Both GetEntityById and GetEntityById<T> now clone the entity record before returning it - DynamicsValue/fake-xrm-easy#27