Why should I use FakeXrmEasy? You might wonder…

The core business value of FakeXrmEasy is the ability to develop and test your code locally, before deployment. This saves a huge amount of time while making changes because essentially you don’t need to deploy in between changes, and gives immediate feedback to the developer.

There are several reasons by which you want to use the very latest versions:

  • New architecture and new features: The new version was upgraded to the latest version of the DataverseClient, it has been significantly rewritten and refactored, and it comes with plenty of new features that are released frequently.
  • Performance: the newer versions (3.x) run in .net core which is significantly more performant. In addition, we made and also we’ll be making new performance improvements to the framework.
  • Technical debt: We keep FakeXrmEasy up to date with the latest platform and dataverse features and fixes, this is technical debt you don’t have to deal with yourself.
  • Documentation: Brand new and amazing dedicated docs site that is constantly up to date.
  • Increased developer efficiency: Link to our white paper here

Please do check more information about how to properly plan and migrate to the latest versions of FakeXrmEasy

To know more about what impact FakeXrmEasy had on many companies, please do check out our research study